Historische Fotos


Kittens produced by Pho & Mia, the legendary Siamese said to have been gifts from the King of Siam  


Siamese belonging to Mrs. Armitage
Source: Fur and Feather, August, 1890


Wankee geb. 28.9.1895  in Hongkong


Cora , owned by British Siamese fancier Mrs. Armitage, 1898 


Ah Choo. This lovely seal point female was born in 1900 and bred by Lady Vyvyan.


Romeo & Juliet, owned by British breeder Mrs. V. Campbell pre-1903


Early American Siamese champion, DOB 1909


Champion Prince Souti, born 1912. He was descended from Tiam O'Shian I. Tiam was one of the original British imports from Siam


Champion Prestwick Perak, 1920s


Champion Prestwick Perak, 1920s


Hoveton Ruler geb.3.4.1933


Penglima Pertama, geb. 1946




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